Qualities a Good Shopify Web Designer Should Possess

    With Shopify being the go-to platform for designing an e-commerce website, choosing the right Shopify web designer is really important. With so much competition and so many web designers out there that claim to be the best, finalizing on a designer can be tougher than it sounds. After all, the success of your online business depends upon it.

    That is why I have devised a list of qualities that you must seek when you select that perfect Shopify web designer for your online store.

    Relevant Experience

    Web designers create all kinds of different websites using various platforms. What really matters to you is whether the designer has relevant experience. By relevant experience, I mean experience creating e-commerce websites using Shopify. Since the platform and technology used is different from a WordPress site, good knowledge of Shopify features and customization is needed.

    A Good Track Record

    A good track record can be a very broad term. What I specifically mean by it is whether that designer has a good record of meeting his client’s expectations. This is not something that you can learn by interviewing the designer, but their past clients. Get some feedback and learn what kind of experience the prior clients have had with them.

    A Diverse Portfolio

    A good Shopify designer must have a diverse and impressive portfolio. Your Shopify website is important and you should not give it in the hands of an amateur. A strong portfolio lets you check what kind of websites the designer has created and how well they match the design expectations that you have for your own e-commerce site. Through the portfolio, you can check out the style of the designer’s work, check the quality of their work across multiple and know that the designer can deliver in a timely manner.

    Good Communication Skills

    During the entire Shopify web design process, it is important that the designer maintains open communication with you to ensure you both are on the same page. They should be able to express their vision as clearly as possible. Also, exchange of ideas and information is a critical component of any web design process.

    Basic SEO Knowledge

    Search Engine Optimization is very important for an e-commerce site as it helps increase the visibility of the site in search engines. It helps your website get traffic and customers as well. If the designer has SEO knowledge, it can be implemented while creating a website. Load time of the site can be reduced to give visitors a positive experience. Images can be compressed to make sure the site is not too heavy. Use of videos and animations can be limited as well to reduce load time.

    Have a Proactive Approach

    A proactive web designer is one that identifies a challenge early on and addresses it rather than waiting for things to go from bad to worse. This is a positive approach that can truly save important time for you and let your team figure out just what the issue is and what is the best way to overcome it. A proactive approach is one the most desirable qualities for anyone in the field of web designing and development.

    Expertise in Responsive Designs

    The very first demand that clients make from web designers these days is to ensure that their website is responsive. This means that the website will function equally well on all devices, no matter the screen size and resolution. Since approximately 50% of online shoppers use their mobile devices to go online, it is important for your Shopify website to be responsive, hence experience and knowledge of creating responsive websites is an important quality.

    Clap Creative offers experienced and certified Shopify web designers

    Clap Creative has a team of well experienced and certified Shopify web designers that have a proven record of creating attractive and interactive Shopify websites. We create responsive designs that make your online store run perfectly on all devices. Our deep understanding of SEO principles helps us create websites that are optimized for search engines. To know more about our Shopify web design services, contact us today.


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