13 Stunning BigCommerce Apps to Boost Conversions and Sales

    BigCommerce provides a fantastic platform for you to build and run your e-commerce store, all thanks to its various features such as an easy-to-use dashboard, no transaction costs, round-the-clock customer support and much more. Apart from a solid build in marketing features, BigCommerce Website Design also provides tons of marketing apps and extensions to make the conversion and sales process much easier and streamlined. But before diving into that, let’s take a look at what BigCommerce apps can accomplish for you in the long run.

    • Most Affordable Platform for immediate and long-term goals.
    • Automated Accounting System that saves lots of your time.
    • Template Based Structure can be up and running in no time.
    • Gain more Insights into your customers’
    • Easy and User-Friendly for developers, retailers, and customers.
    • Improves Customer Service which helps repeat customers.

    But with thousands of apps present in its app store, it can get both tricky and time-consuming choosing the right ones. So, on your behalf, I have taken the liberty of reviewing the BigCommerce App Store to present 13 amazing apps to help you smoothen out your e-commerce sales journey.

    Sweet Tooth
    Sweet Tooth provides a loyalty-based solution for BigCommerce users by building a point-based loyalty program to reward points to customers based on their behavior (in this case, profitable actions). Apart from the multi-option loyalty program, it offers 6 themes and also helps in segmenting your customers based on their loyalty.

    Retailers mostly don’t pay much attention to shipping but if left unchecked, this is where you may lose a lot of your potential customers. Using ShipperHQ can help you calculate shipping costs globally (by using the IP address of customers), so your customers don’t have to pay any additional (and unexpected) shipping costs.

    Retail Tower
    Retail Tower is another powerful app by BigCommerce that helps you make the advertising and promotion process a lot more simpler and easier by using just one interface to upload your product feed to multiple shopping comparison engines.

    JustUno is all about free email marketing. It provides an email capturing system that allows you to capture email addresses (including discount codes, exit intents, welcome mats etc.) through pop-up messages. And that’s not all, you can even run A/B tests to help determine the effectiveness of your BigCommerce store.

    Sales Pop
    Build from the concept of encouraging new customers to start buying from you, this BigCommerce app provides a great help in building trust and authenticity on your brand by showing recent sales notification popups (with flexible customization options) in order to create the sense of a busy store.

    We are all prone to making bad business decisions when we don’t have enough contextual data to work on. Compass helps you make sense of your data by incorporating a comprehensive report of all your analytics metrics such as Customer Acquisition Costs, Refunds, Repurchase Rates etc. into 1 dashboard for easy access.

    Boost Sales
    Boost Sales is a great app that uses upselling and cross-selling (of relevant products one might be interested in) along with Sales Gamification feature to help increase the average order value, in order to earn more profit (by selling more) on each order. It even provides a large collection of themes esp. for the holidays season.

    AfterShip is another brilliant app that allows your customers to check in on their order status along with sending SMS and emails delivery updates to them. Your customers will also love you for keeping them updated as well as not sending them to 3rd party sites for payment or not letting them deal with couriers.

    Printful is an awesome dropshipping app that not only let anyone with the designing skills to upload his design and start printing on selective items be it pillows, mobile cases, t-shirts, coffee mugs or anything but also allow them to push these items directly to your BigCommerce store.

    Sellbrite uses a single interface where you can simultaneously print discounted labels as well as ship all your orders. It also prevents overselling by automatically syncing the central inventory in real time. Plus, you can list your inventory by bulk from the central catalog to various other online markets.

    Any Web Development Company Los Angeles or elsewhere will claim that OneSaas is the best automation app when it comes to accounting, inventory management, marketing, fulfillment and shipping along with syncing data between sales and CRM. It even scales with your business and is compatible with the majority of software.

    The Cart Closer
    This Cart Closer app provides a unique solution to the ‘cart abandonment’ problem faced by most e-commerce stores today. It tries to save the sale by offering a freebie or discount whenever a customer is about to leave your shopping cart page.

    PayWhirl is everything that you can ever ask for in a recurring billing model be it wholesale programs or payment plans or layaway programs or subscriptions or pre-orders or literally anything. And that’s not all, this app even lets customers log in and manage their billing information and make changes accordingly.

    Closing In:

    And that’s our list of some of the best BigCommerce apps that we found in the App Store from our own research, hope you liked it. So, which of these apps are you planning to use? Do let us know in the comment section.


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